People and companies that have gained success with us.

"Patrick Vlaskovits' book, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development, is a must read for all technology companies and their stakeholders." - Steve Blank, Author of The Four Steps to the Epiphany

"In all cases, I'm impressed with Casey Armstrong's growth hacking skills. He combines creativity with tenacious execution to reach the full potential of any opportunity." - Sean Ellis, Founder of Qualaroo

"Patrick Vlaskovits and I have collaborated and continue to collaborate on many projects. Success is always assured when Patrick is involved." - Neil Patel, Founder of Quicksprout

"I like to think of Casey Armstrong as my secret weapon. Every startup I have been a part of, I go back to the well: Casey's marketing brain. He understands the entire spectrum of the marketing stack, plus everything from acquisition to revenue generation." - Rob Slattery, Counsel & Business Development at Zendesk

"We have a lot of great mentors, but Patrick Vlaskovits puts the 'super' in 500 SuperMentors." - Dave McClure, Founder of 500 Startups

"Casey's uncanny ability to get things done is a huge part of our success. I consider myself lucky to work with him. His creativity, ability to anticipate trends and opportunities, and willingness to get in the trenches is what puts him in the upper echelon of startup marketers." - Sean Crafts, Co-Founder of Mavenlink